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“Something is happening in the Sunshine State”

At last count, Florida had 30 cities and counties registered for LEED for Cities and Communities certification—more than double any other state—with 19 of those already certified. If that stat causes you to do a double take, you’re not alone; while Florida ranks near the top of the U.S. in LEED professionals, based on 2020 data, it sits outside the “Top 10 States” in LEED square footage per capita, and it doesn’t have the same reputation for environmental activism as some of its peers.


However, city and county sustainability directors in the state say that Florida’s success with LEED for Cities and Communities is a function of two factors: collaboration and necessity. The state has a close-knit network of civic sustainability professionals who cooperate (and also compete), sharing information about best practices and helping one another to track down regional data for things like utilities. These sustainability professionals recognize that Florida is something of a climate change ground zero—with sea level rise, extreme heat and stronger storms all threatening communities throughout the state.


“In Florida, you have really strong leaders at the city and county levels who have been working on these issues,” says Hilari Varnadore, vice president for cities at USGBC. “There’s a lot of sharing, there’s a lot of support. There’s a lot of: ‘We did this, and you can do it too.’ These sustainability leaders love Florida, they care about where they live, and they don’t want to see it underwater.”


Source: Hennick, Calvin (2022, Oct 25th). Collaboration—and a little healthy competition—has shot Florida to the top in LEED for Cities.